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    Heating and heating monitoring and charging system

    Through the analysis of current centralized heating transformation scheme, based on the current situation of the market, our company independent research and development of the system, has the characteristics of convenient operation, under the condition of satisfying the people comfortable, energy-saving effect of significantly. The system to focus on computer monitoring for the center, through the regional data collector are respectively connected to the corresponding regional household thermostat control user's heating state and query users heating data, at the same time, the user through the installation in a convenient indoor thermostat to adjust the room temperature, so as to achieve the comfortable and the purpose of saving energy, the maximum comfort of minimize the energy consumption. After years of practice, the system has been mature, reliable, scientific, advanced, comfort and economy in practice has proven very good, suitable for large-scale promotion

    Application of fan coil unit centralized control system
    BRL-C2 series of ultrasonic heat meter

    CLR -C2 series of ultrasonic heat meter is based on absorbing, drawing lessons from the achievements offoreign advanced technology and research, and according to the specific situation in China and developed with independent intellectual property rights of the new generation of heat meter, which is designed to meet therequirements of Chinese existing industry standard "CJ 281-2007" technology.

    Part of the package include: flow sensor, temperature sensor and integrator. With optical and M-bus data transmission function.

    BRL-C series of ultrasonic heat meter

    CLR-C series ultrasonic heat meter is based on absorbing and using the reference of foreign advanced technology and research results, and according to the specific situation in China and the development of theindependent

    Intellectual property rights of the new generation of heat meter, which is designed to meet the existing industrystandard "Chinese C J 1 28-2007" technical requirements. Its components include: the flow sensor, the temperature sensor and the integrator. With optical and M-bus data transmission function.

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