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    ST-301D Heating thermostat

    ST-301D series programmable LCD temperature control is a special thermostatheating, heating; widely used in industrial, commercial, family room temperaturecontrol; imported CPU micro computer control technology,provides a safe, reliableperformance, long service life. Large screen liquid crystal display LCD, the touch of a button. Liquid crystal display status: working condition, temperature controller, the output state of indoor temperature, temperature, temperature setting, the clock.Key: start stop button, function keys, Shi Zhongjianand temperature adjustment button.

    ST-301D Heating thermostat

    Technical parameters:

    If the power supply voltage: AC90~250V 5 0/60Hz

    The power consumption is less than or equal to 1W: error: <1%

    The temperature range of -35 DEG C: 5

    The control accuracy: plus or minus 1 DEG C

    If the load current: DA:5A/1000WDB:16A/3000W

    The shell material: PC flame retardant

    The size: 86mmX86mmX14mm




    Product features:

    The large screen LCD, blue backlight

    The clock function

    The programming model: one day four times for Cheng Dingshi switch machine, cycle.

    The built-in sensor single temperature, single external sensor temperature control.

    The shutdown of zero power consumption: cut off the power supply completely, completely in response toenergy saving and emission reduction.

    The control mode: time interval programming model; manual control mode can switch freely temporarily.

    The temperature sensor fault alarm /E1