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    BT-D1 motorized two way valve

    BT-D1 electrical twoway valve, the auxiliary product for fan coil of central air conditioner, consists of actuator and the valve. With the motor and spring return of actuator, the valve can be on or off, then to control the flow of cold or hot water. Through the air fan coil supplies, the temperature can be adjusted.

    BT-D1 motorized two way valve

    Technical characters

    Body material: forging brass

    Stem material: stainless steel(304)

    Spring material: stainless spring steel

    Sealing element: NBR

    Actuator base: aluminium die-cast alloy 

    Actuator cover: ABS engineering plastic










    Technical Reference
    Driving motor: Hysteresis synchronous motor 
    Operating Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz~60Hz
    Power consumption: ≤6W
    Valve nominal pressure: 1.6M pa
    Allowable pressure differential: ≤0.25M pa
    Applicable medium: chilled water, hot water
    Fluid temperature: 2℃~90℃
    Ambient temperature: 0℃~60℃
    Opening and closing time: 10s for opening, 5s for closing